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A number of problems, including toxic substances, shallow chemical and thermal stratification, odour in pond water, phytoplankton die-off, and unsightly appearance, have been attributed to abundun green algae blooms in natural and impounded waters.

During periods of high light intensity, rapid rates of photosynthesis by algae in surface scums cause high pH, low carbon dioxide concentration, and super-saturation with dissolved oxygen,. Such conditions may result in massive death of green algae, apparently through severe depletion of nutrients (Smith.,1988).

A scientific break-through product: Alagcide contains of Chloro Alkylphenyl which control and eliminate especially green algae in koi pond by gradually breaking down their photosynthesis system / restraining photosynthesis of plankton (Effective only 2~3 days after using)

It also prevents the growth of algae and recondition pond water.

Suggested Dsage:
– 1 ton of pond water use 2.0 ml.

Direction of Use :
Mix Algaecide with pond water, pour and distribute evenly into koi pond and aerate vigorously. Apply during daylight when the sunlight is abundun. Apply during rainy day is less effective.

Packaging : 100ml