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AN Remover

AN Remover ( Ammonia and Nitrite Remover – Fast! )


AN Remover is an specially formulated biological and biochemical system designed to accelerate the biological decomposition of highly fouled koi pond. AN Remover contains selected micro-organisms to inoculate the pond’s wastes and start the biodegradation process. It also is fortified with unique accelerants to speed the microbial action.


Wastes are a natural byproduct of koi pond or any aquaculture / farming pond. Uneaten feed, feces, dead micro-organizme, alage and skeletons contribute significant quantities of organic debris to the pond environment. Minor accumulation of waste on the pond bottom poses no major problem as the pond’s normal ecosystem can degrade the waste into harmless soil humus. However, in intensive or high density koi ponds where wastes tend to accumulate in a small area, the pond’s ecosystem can become overloaded. If this waste is not removed, toxicants can leach into the pond water during the growing cycle and adversely affect the koi health. Use AN Remover to biodegrade it. Bio-augmentation with AN Remover accelerates this process.


Apply AN Remover at 3g per 10 tons of pond water.