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Aqua Clear

1 Overview
Aqua Clear are effervescent tablets for the disinfection of pond water for koi and any other aquatic pond. The active ingredient in Aqua Clear is Sodium Troclosene (NaDCC)-1.97 gm per tablet. Each tablet will deliver 1 mg/l of available chlorine when dissolved in 2 tons of water.
2 Presentation
Aqua Clera are 5.6g finished weight tablets containing 1.97gm of Sodium Troclosene, packaged in plastic tubs of 500 tablets with a shelf-life of 3 years. Aqua Clear is a water additive for the disinfection of water and water systems for management of disease in all aquatic pond. Aqua Clear also can be use for removing all the unwanted algae in koi pond.

3 Directions for use and dosage
The method of administration can be varied to suit the water supply system, as follows:
A. Small volume disinfection: Simply add the required number of suitable tablets to a container to achieve the required concentration. After the recommended residual time (after about 12 hours) the water is free of microorganism and is safe to use.
B. For fresh water filtered (clear water):
• 1 tablet per 2 tons of filtered fresh water.

The Aqua Clear tablets have a double action;
• Firstly, the tablet releases free chlorine to kill most harmful organisms.
• Secondly, the tablet adjusts the acidity of the water resulting in a slight increasing of the acidity levels in the gut of the fish which in-turn activates stomach enzymes to promote more efficient food conversion. In addition, the gut acidification decreases the ability of pathogens to grow in the digestive tract.