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EP Pond

Biological Aquatic Pond Treatment


EP POND is a biological water treatment agent it contains a natural microbial ecosystem, with added stabilizers and growth stimulants, for detoxifying pond’s water. It eliminates water-fouling waste products such as ammonia, nitrites and hydrogen sulfide. It also improves aquatic’s animal health and disease resistance by creating a probiotic environment. While the EP POND organisms are microscopic, they – along with the enzymes they secrete – are powerful, living “engines” that love to consume waste.

* Effectively and rapidly reduces dangerous levels of ammonia, nitrite, and sulfide pollutants in pond water.

* Suppresses the growth of harmful bacteria.

* Reduces need for water exchanges providing a more bio-secure environment.

* Leaves behind cleaner water and reducing pollution.


As a result of the genetic coding possessed by the microbes in EP POND, ammonia and nitrites are rapidly consumed over a wide range of pH, temperature and other conditions. The microorganisms utilize nitrogen and hydrocarbon-based wastes in their metabolic processes to produce microbial biomass as part of their natural growth and reproduction.

The microorganisms in EP POND establish a strong natural bacterial culture in your pond water that suppresses the growth of harmful microorganisms. Also, the microbes in EP POND are capable of excreting natural bacteriostats, also called bacteriocins, which repel harmful bacteria.


Nigh Nitrites : 50~100g per ton of pond water. Apply daily until reduced.

Normal usage : 10~20g per ton.

EP POND Application:

Mix up to 100 gm EP POND in at least 10 liter* of your pond water. Do not use water containing chlorine or other disinfectants. Splash the solution into your koi pond and also in your bio filter.

* Caution: Do not let mixture stand more than one hour before use!