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Koi Green

Your Koi “all in one” trace minerals supply!

Main Ingredient(/kg)

Ca Si Mg Al Fe Na K P Mn Zn
302g 71.7g 5.94g 5.90g 4.62g 2.70g 740mg 210mg 200mg 40mg

KOI Green is in fine powder form and mainly used for culturing your valuable koi fish.
The trace minerals in KOI Green can also help to enhance the koi colours!!

The natural mineral ingredients promote the growth and enrich your koi immunity efficiently by supply the nutritive substance to its body.

KOI Green can also be mixed with your koi diet. The standard dose is 10g/kg of koi food. This fossil is porous and ionized so it can be easily mixed without any adhesives.

KOI Green can also absorb and deodorize H2S (Hydrogen Sulfate) and NH3 (Ammonia) accordingly. It can improve the water condition and fix pH value around 8.

Put 50g of KOI Green per 100 liters of water as a standard.

Packaging : 1kg.

Country of origin : Japan.