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Nutri Aqua (Korea Product)

Description 100% water soluble multivitamins. Direct use.
Composition Each kg formulated to contain

Vitamin A —–1,600,000I.U.


Vitamin B2 ———700mg

Folic acid ————–50mg

Vitamin B6 ——– 120mg

Mn ——————4,500mg

Vitamin B12 ——-1,000㎍

Zn ——————-7,800mg

Vitamin C ——– 1,000mg

P —————— -350mg

Vitamin D3——-300,000I.U.

Ca ——————10,000mg

Vitamin E ———- 300I.U.

Fe ——————-4,000mg

Vitamin K3 ——— 150mg

Co ——————150mg

Niacin ————-3,400mg

Cu —————– 250mg

Methionine ——–15,000mg

I ——————-250mg

Choline chloride —50,000mg

Crude protein ——–10~20%

Crude fat ———18~30%

Indications Supply of various type vitamin for aquatic animals

(shrimp and fish), prevention of alimentary diseases and

sub-alimentation in aquatic animals.

Dosage & Administration l Mix 5g per kg feed.

l Mix 5g NUTRI AQUA to 100 ~150 cc water and

spread evenly in 1 kg feed.

Packing 1kg.