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OTC-20% (Made in Korea)

Name OTC-20% (Made in Korea)
Oxytetracycline belongs to the group tetracyclines and
acts bacteriostatic against many gram-positive and
gram-negative bacteria and the action of oxytetracycline
in based on inhibition of bacterial protein synthesis.


Oxytetracycline HCl……………………….. 200g

For the treatment of infections caused by for
oxytetracycline sensitive bacteria.

Carp : Ulcer disease, Aermonas disease, Columnaris disease.

Dosage & Administration

1) Administer via oral 100 ~ 250g per ton of fish body
weight for 2 ~ 5 days.

2) Medicated bath: 100 grams of this medication for
every ton of water.

Withholding period :
For Yellow-tail : 20 days
For Eel, Trout, Sea bream : 30 days
For Shrimp : 25 days
For fish fingerling : No need.

Storage : Store in a dry and dark place
Packing 300g