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Oxygen Powder


Potent Aquaculture Oxygen Producer


  • Continuously synthesizes oxygen gas.
  • Detoxifies noxious gases and substances such as NH4, NO2 , H2S .
  • Promotes growth of microorganisms necessary for sludge removal.
  • Increases oxygenation in deeper areas of the pond.
  • Helps to increase survival rates of Koi fishes during “black-out”.

Maintaining optimum oxygenation in the water is paramount to the survival and well being of any koi pond. Studies suggest that if oxygen saturation levels are allowed to fall below 5 PPM for any extended period of time, death rates can reach 50% or higher. Reduction of Oxygen levels can also reduce significantly an animal’s ability to fight bacterial infestations in its system.

O2 Powder is a specially formulated odorless compound designed to produce oxygen in any koi pond environment. Furthermore, O2 Powder comes in a unique powder form for maximum efficiency and easy application. These powders are designed to slowly dissolve over a 5 hour period so as to continuously synthesize oxygen in the system.

  • Proper levels of oxygen can help increase a microorganisms’ efficiency in digesting sludge in koi’s pond especially during application of probiotic bacteria.
  • O2 Powder can also help to eliminate toxic gases produced as a result of excessive accretion of sludge in the pond environment.
    H2S + H2O2 –> S + 2H20. This results in a reduction of toxicity from O2 Powder therefore removing malodor from ecosystem as well as increasing aquatic animal’s survival rates.

Directions for Use :
Black-Out Condition : Use 500g of O2 Powder per 100 tons of water (100 cubic meter) . Apply O2 Powder by spreading evenly all over the pond.

Normal Condition (application of probiotic): Use 200g per 100 tons of water.

Packing : 1kg.