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Para Wash

Description Treatment of disease of Microcotyle sebastis
Composition Each 1kg contains

Praziquantel ——————– 200g

Indications Treatment of disease of Microcotyle Sebastis and many know fish parasites.
Dosage & Administration Oral Treat: Mix Para Wash with Feed.

Use 5g Para Wash per 10kg of fish. (Total fish body weight). Mix Para Wash with clean water and than mix the Para Wash solution with your koi feed, let the feed air dry for 1 hour prior to its feeding.

Continue using for 3 days and stop. Rest for 2 days and continue again if necessary.

Medicine bath: 0.3 ~ 0.5 grams of this medication for every liter of water (bathing time is only 4min.)

Cautions Storage : Store in a dry and dark place
Packing 500g / pkt

Oral Treat: Mix Para Wash with Feed.
Para Wash is a deworming food for Koi and goldfish with the active
ingredient “Praziquantel”. This food is an excellent way to deworm
your fish. You should deworm your fish at least once a year to
insure maximum growth and proper nutrition.
Most hobbyists don’t realize Koi get internal worms just like dogs
and cats do. Internal worms will dramatically slow the growth of the
When you see a 2 year old Koi that is the size of a 1 year old Koi,
most of us write it off to “its just a runt” or “its just bad
breeding”, while in reality, it most likely has internal worms.

Feeding Para Wash just once a year for a week will keep your Koi
worm-free and insure maximum growth. Praziquantel is by far the best
deworming agent available for any animal, and it’s completely safe.