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Sludge Remover

Sludge Remover ( Decompose and remove sludge )


Sludge Remover is very effective in decomposition of undesirable organic substance in koi pond. Its significantly improves the ecological environment of the pond. It provides for a better balance of pond ecological environment and beneficial microbes, leading to an improvement in the oxygenation and nutrition level of the fish. It reduces stress and improved fish immunity.

In high density koi pond, the water quality tends to deteriorate rapidly during this period owing to high organic load, reduced levels of dissolved oxygen and increased toxic conditions. With Sludge Remover, it is possible to protect the fish during this “critical” period, maintain fish health and avoid diseaes and parasites attack.

Composition : Bacillus Strains, Protease, Amylase, Xylanase and Esterase.

Composition Enchanced Capabilities : Denitrification, Rapid germination, Flocculation Enhancement, Sludge digestion and Anti-microbial.

TREATMENT SUGGESTIONS: Apply AN Remover at 5~10g per 10 tons of pond water.