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Star Clear


This product made by active carbon. By using water vapor active method then process by special oxidation to form crystal. It is specially designed to be used in koi pond.
Porous hexahedron structure with large surface area allows higher absorption. Excellent result when use after plankton collapse, high sedimentation in pond.

It has great absorptivity and this product’s absorptivity was created for physical & chemical absorption in koi pond.
Majority of this product is formed by carbon element, also contain small amount of Hydrogen , Nitrogen, Oxygen and ashes.

Features :
1. Can be used to remove micro organic feces and feed residual, prevent pollution and sustain stable water quality.
2. Can absorb poison items in water, e.g. Ammonia, benzene, tetrachloromethane, nitrite salt, insecticide and hydrogen sulfide.
3. Fast decompose off-flavour and reduce heavy metal concentration in water and pond soil.
4. Stabilise pH level in water, thus create suitable and stable pH level environment for fish to grow.
5. Improve bad and acidic substance in pond.

Prior to drug application : 0.5kg / 200 m2

Packaging : 1 kg