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Highly concentration of disinfectant you ever saw! 1g/liter = 400ppm TMS

There are several types of microorganisms causing infectious pathologies in aquatic animal such as koi fish. According to its classification in the biological stage they can be divided as follows:

Viruses: Viruses are infectious agents capable of multiplying only in relation with live cells.

Bacteria: The most common bacteria found in this field are those of the Gram negative bacillus.

Protozoa: Generally unicellular microorganism, but larger than bacteria, part of the protista Kingdom.

Fungus: Fungus associated with koi are microscopic plants that develop interconnected tubular structure and reproduce by spores such as fin and tail rot diseases that cause by Flexibacter Columnaris, Aeromonas and Vibrio.

TMS is a powerful bactericide, fungicide, viricide product of intense years of research and fieldwork designed to control microorganism even in adverse conditions.

TMS provides excellent results and benefits, used either as a preventive treatment or as a cure. In the latter case, TMS immediate and effective action brings the problem under control within 24 to 72 hours, thus reducing mortality losses and reducing extra costs caused by the application of medication.


Preventive treatment: Dilute TMS in water before application!

  1. Use 0.1 ~ 1 g of TMS in 1 ton of water.
  2. To disinfect pond equipments use 5~10g of TMS in 1 ton of water. disinfect equipment.
  3. TMS will evaporate itself after 3 days. Thus, apply probiotics bacteria after the 4th day of TMS application to achieve a “good bacteria enviroment” to the koi pond.