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Venturi Pump

Venturi Pump : WHY WATER ONLY?

If water is to be introduced…
water, air and movement are better.

  • With Venturi, circulation without further energy.
  • With Venturi, Water enriched with air or pure oxygen.
  • Venturi has been made in order to use water delivery more economically and in the best conditions, that is oxygenized and stirred.
  • To make the dissolution process faster.
  • To transform the unwanted gases in water into small bubbles and eliminate them.


Wall mounted
Recommended installation for tanks in plastic reinforced by fibre glass or in metal above the ground.

Stand-alone installation
Recommended installation for applications on the bed with flexible or rubber hoses or considerable depths for which fixed installations or ones with rigid pipes are difficult

Free installation or on pipe
It can be installed in any position and/or direction

Installation fixed on pole or trestle
Recommended installation for floating cages and/or tanks in the ground or when it is desired to connect it with rubber hoses